Friday, February 9, 2007

Branding the Toronto Blue Jays: The Message

Pitcher Roy Halladay

With its sleek look and a more aggressive bird design, the Blue Jays management wanted to convey a fresh start for the team.

"If you took a snapshot of this team three years ago and then took a snapshot of it now, from a business point of view it's changed dramatically," Team President and CEO Paul Godfrey said in 2003. "We're now seeking, through our marketing and through this logo, a whole new approach to the game. This logo, in my opinion, symbolized energy, enthusiasm, confidence and determination. That's what we were looking for, both on the field and off the field."

The logo and uniform change fit into the law of quality, mentioned in Al and Luara Ries’ book, 22 Immutable Laws of Branding. Team officials want the play on the field to match the characteristics of its logo as described by Godfrey. The Blue Jays branding can be found on its uniform and can be found on its Web site and all forms of memorabilia from baseball cards to bats to signs around its home stadium, the Rogers Centre.

The brand is reinforced through the play of its star players including pitcher Roy Halladay, outfielder Vernon Wells and closer B.J. Ryan during televised games.

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A-M Miller said...

Great mention of a great book, Boris! Al Ries has been at it for a number of years and is really considered a "guru" of branding. Thanks so much for reminding me about his mention of the Toronto Blue Jays and their re-branding efforts!