Friday, February 9, 2007

Branding the Toronto Blue Jays: Culture

The Rogers Centere

The Blue Jays brand, while not as recognizable as the Yankees and Red Sox, is designed to appeal to its baseball fans worldwide.

A prime example of niche marketing, the Blue Jays invoke strong feelings of loyalty among its fans in Canada and in northern portion of the United States. The brand will ultimately grow in popularity, though, when it returns to the post-season---a feat last accomplished during its glory years of the early 1990s.

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gercohenJoMC712 said...

the team is repositioning its logo to an expected improvement in performance. If the team is the cellar, no logo change will save it. A rebirth of the team as a World Series contender will allow the new logo to spread to the entire continent, rather than being limited to Canada.

Of course, for some the Canadian cachet is an appeal. The leaf on Molson identifies it as a Canadian beer, foreign beers are more valued by American consumers who are willing to pay more.