Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mowser---From the Screen to Your Cellphone

As a web editor, I am constantly trying to learn new scripting languages to present information in a cleaner and more interesting fashion on all browsers and viewing platforms. And that includes creating content for mobile phones of all varieties from tiny monochrome screens to the current high-resolution models.

And that means thinking about how the pages will look on a tiny screen.

Anyway, I read about a web-based application that reconfigures Web pages for a mobile phone. Mowser is a program that translates pages for mobile phones through complex algorithms and alters images, text formatting and page functionality (at times).

From my experience and those of my co-workers, for a tiny, monochrome screen, I think Mowser is great tool. It offers the important items on the first page in a cohesive order and all the menus floated to the bottom. People using a mobile phone to surf the Web cannot really expect much more, can they?

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Kevin said...

I don't think it's cool that Mowser is profiting by stealing your content with "Ads by AdMob"...