Friday, April 20, 2007

Let's Meet Tatum Bell

bell photoTatum Bell, 35, lives in a loft in Minneapolis' historic Loop Warehouse District, with his wife of four years, Stephanie. Their neighborhood is a funky bohemian mix of artists and energetic young couples like the Bells who always flock to catch the newest Richard Linklater film at the Uptown Theater or share a microbrew at a Lake Street bar.

Tatum is action-oriented and his thirst for activity is only strengthened by his personal, albeit cliched mantra: "I work to live, not live to work."

He spars in his Tae Kwon Do dojang three times a week and plays defense for the local ice hockey team at the community center. Tatum does place high importance on quality work as the associate director of research testing for St. Jude Medical---a position he has held for four years. His pager and cell phone are on 24 hours a day. He works on weekends without hesitation as he feels, in part, to justify his $125,000 salary.

But he is proud of his balance between work and recreation.

Recreation Balance

In fact, the Bells, who have no children, will embark on their first trip of the new year in April to visit New Zealand to experience the country that produced their favorite film, "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers." Their fall trip will be to see a Toronto Blue Jays baseball game at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, the last of the couple's 30-stadium tour.

Tatum Bell has placed a particular importance on education since his parents came from a strong learning background (his mother is an elementary school principle in Duluth and his father, now retired, was a microbiology professor at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities).

Tatum received his undergraduate and master degrees from the Univ. of Minnesota and earned his doctorate in biology from the rival University of Wisconsin, where he met Stephanie seven years ago.

Tatum still supports the maroon and gold of his alma mater through yearly dues to the alumni association and by helping students secure internships and jobs at St. Jude Medical.

As a moderate Republican, Tatum Bell is excited by the prospect of his city hosting the 2008 Republican Convention at the Xcel Energy Center. He attends Roman Catholic church services twice a month and he is active in the local soup kitchen serving meals and discussing with patrons about the Minnesota Twins chances to resign pitcher Johan Santana to a long-term contract.

Media Consumption

Tatum does find time to use various media products, such as reading Sports Illustrated, Minnesota City Pages and U.S. News and World Report. He has high-speed Internet access, but he limits his time online to about one hour a day to download music for his iPod, sharing photos with some Phi Gamma Delta fraternity brothers living North Carolina.

He also keeps track of his fantasy baseball team (currently mired in last place in the ESPN league). Any more time spent on the computer would impact Tatum's plans to fully experience life.

Tatum has a strong loyalty to activities he finds pleasing. He has cheered for the Minnesota Twins for 27 years and he is about three years away from securing season tickets for football's Minnesota Vikings. And he earned his third-degree black belt late 2006 marking a milestone in his 18-year martial arts career.

Desired Demographic

The Twin City News wants to attract new readers like Tatum Bell because he is an advertisers dream. Why? He is flushed with loads of disposable income. He is affluent. He is highly-educated. He is active.

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